Losing Weight on Subway Diet

Have you ever wished you could get rid of your spare tire? Want to lose weight without the dangers of slimming pills? Try losing weight on subway diet!

First of all, what is the Subway diet? Do you know who Jared Fogle is? Okay, here are the facts. Jared Fogle is a 26 year old man who is best known as “The Subway Guy,” after the brand of sandwiches he consumed that helped him lose about 245 pounds in a year. Amazing?

Six years ago, Jared Fogle was an average junior at Indiana University, The unusual fact about Jared is that he weighed a staggering 425 pounds. Growing up in Indianapolis, Jared was the only person in his family with a serious weight problem. Amazingly this weight problem was solved with a diet called the Subway diet. The Subway diet involves replacing two meals each day with subs from the Subway restaurant chain.

How does the Subway diet work? Before you try losing weight on subway diet, here is how it works.

1. Calories controlled

Portion control and low fat are the ultimate secrets of the Jared’s “Subway Diet.” The Subway Outlets have 7 varieties of sandwiches with fewer than 6 grams of fat. For Example, Jared ate a 6″ turkey sub and a bag of baked chips for lunch and a 12″ veggie sub for dinner, with extra vegetables and no cheese, oil or even mayonnaise. The amount of calories a day totalled around 1000 which is a great improvement. The convenience of a Subway restaurant right next to his apartment also made it easy for him to choose their well-advertised low fat sandwiches. As his weight dropped, he stuck with those that worked.

2. Walking and Exercise

Standing at 425 pounds, Jared was indeed a stranger to exercise. When he got down to 300 pounds he started walking rather than taking the bus to increase the burning of calories. He then even began walking everywhere he went, getting about one and a half miles a day.

The Subway diet proves that all of us can lose weight if we are willing to try our very best. From the diet we can see that the controlling of calories and the presence of exercise are essential for a person to lose weight. This does not mean losing weight on Subway diet is the only way but the success of this diet proves that losing weight is not that difficult.

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Many people all across the world are in search of the perfect diet plan to help them lose weight. The Subway Diet has been one of the most popular diets for rapid weight loss over the past few years, and it’s become an ever more popular way to achieve health and wellness.

The Subway Diet is actually a version of the popular Atkins Diet that allows users to eat as much Subway sandwiches, as well as other low-carb options with as much lean protein as they like, while limiting their fat and calorie intake. The idea of the Subway Diet is to move away from more processed and unhealthy foods, and focus more on the healthier options available at Subway.

For example, Subway offers sandwiches which are made with turkey, lean ham and chicken, plus vegetables and healthy condiments like vegetables and mustard. These low calorie meals make it easy for people to eat healthy and make sure that they don’t over-indulge in unhealthy foods. With the Subway Diet, users also have access to nutritional information so that they can make sure that they’re getting the proper amount of nutrition in their daily diet.

In addition to its nutritional benefits, the Subway Diet can also help users to stay motivated, as the basis of the diet is that users order their food ahead of time and plan their meals. At the same time, users can also customize their orders to add or subtract calories and calories from fat. If a customer is feeling particularly indulgent, they can always get extra veggies and other healthy options.

Ultimately, the Subway Diet can provide a great way to lose weight quickly and healthfully. Many users have reported that they have seen significant results after committing to the Subway Diet. If you are looking to start a new diet and eat healthfully, the Subway Diet may be the perfect plan for you.

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