Feta Cheese Crisps – Keto Keuhn Nutrition

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These feta cheese crisps came to light all because some of my feta cheese fell into another area of my dish of food in the microwave.

The feta that was by itself became crispy like a chip and I loved it. No need to make cheese crisps in the oven anymore!

IMG 20180301 155957173 e1520027117931 - Feta Cheese Crisps

Recipe Tips

If you want a thicker crisp, use 10 grams of feta or somewhere between 5-10 grams of feta. I found that when I did the 10 grams, cooking between 6 to 7 minutes worked well.

The photos below used both sizes. The cooking times may also vary depending on the mold size you use.

Feta Cheese Crisps 1 - Feta Cheese Crisps


If you are eating keto, you know that you need potassium. Herbs can be one place to get them. Basil is one of those herbs that contain potassium.

In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there are 7 dried herbs that are high in potassium. These are chervil, coriander, parsley, basil, dill weed, tarragon, and turmeric (1). Dried basil has 2,630 mg of potassium per 100 grams (2).


IMG 20180301 172116301 150x150 - Feta Cheese Crisps

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Feta Cheese Crisps


  • Cut feta into 5g squares or rectangles. Does not have to be perfect

  • Place feta into silicon muffin liners (you can just a plate too, if needed. The end result will be different).

  • Sprinkle dried basil on top of feta.

  • Place into microwave and cook for about 3 minutes or until crisp. Time may vary as each microwave is different. You may also like them not as crispy.


Nutrition Facts (1 serving = 5 Chips)

Calories: 66
Fat: 5.3
Protein: 3.55
Carbs: 1.05
Fiber: 0
Net Carbs: 1.05

To log the recipe on MyFitnessPal search: Keto Keuhn Nutrition – Feta Cheese Crisps

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