Does Keto Bread Taste Good?

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I asked, does keto bread taste good to you, in my private Facebook group and another keto group, and these are the answers that I got.

No. I say skip the knockoffs.

I like to make the 90-second bread. Cloud bread is not bad either

It does to me. The texture is different.

I never had keto bread. I make my sandwiches lettuce wrap style.



Depends on the bread, how it’s toasted, and how desperate I am.

I really like the gluten-free Carbonaut seeded bread. Slather it with butter and toast it in the broiler.

Some of them do. I like the Extraordinary Bites white bread I get at Walmart. I also am happy with the white bread version from Aldi.

A big fan of Aldi bread and hamburger buns. Carbonaut seeded is good too

I love Aldis keto hamburger bun the best! I haven’t tested my glucose level on it, but it tastes like the real thing.

It does now, 2 years into it.

Not to me.

Most don’t, but some do.

They’re all a little different, but I don’t really like any of the plain. However, once you add sandwich fillings or butter and cheese, they aren’t bad. I think my favorite is the Bake Lewis Shop Healthy Life Keto, but Aldi is okay too.

Keto Culture brand is my favorite.

We live in the northwest. I’ve tried 2 brands that look like real bread. The Franz brand smells and tastes like cardboard. The Orowheat brand is not so bad. I toast it and put on natural peanut butter when my tummy is upset. And every couple of weeks I make my daughter a grilled cheese with keto tomato soup.

It isn’t as good as homemade bread or even store-bought regular bread, but it’s bread. It holds butter and lunch meat. Buns hold hamburgers and hot dogs. It beats not having anything to be a holder for some foods.

Not so much, it’s more or less just a vessel. The low-carb tortilla options taste much better. The Great Value low-carb tortillas are my favorite these days.

You will have to try different ones, they are all different. I like the Sola Brand sweet oat bread (2 net carbs per slice) and the L’oven Fresh Keto hamburger buns. I’ve tried some that are gross and others that are ok.

The one I get from Sam’s Club, Keto Seed with a Dragon on it, is by far my favorite.

Sola is good.

I got an order from Sola last week and really like it.

It somewhat depends on how long it has since you tasted bread.

Orowheat brand isn’t bad.

Bake Lewis Shop Healthy Life Keto Bread is the best! They also have Hawaiian and Cinnamon Swirl!

I love chewy bread, so Sola is great for me. I just wish the slices weren’t Barbie-sized.

In all honesty no. They are either Eggy or psyllium husky. With the texture (which I would assume would be the same likeness) of those yellow sponges with the green scrubby. The only one I found good, was the Carbonaut bread the white, or the cinnamon raisin, TOASTED.

Blog writer stepping in here. I wrote a post on how to get rid o the eggy taste in bread. Check it out with the green link.

Some do, some don’t. I like Inked Keto.

I Iike the Healthy Life Keto. I toast it and put cream cheese on it with my breakfast. It’s a good bagel substitute for me.

The only keto bread I can stomach is Sola golden wheat. Have not tried the others yet.

The kind I’ve ever tried was Carbonaut and it was very good.

Yes! Sola brand is tasty!

I haven’t found one I like so I make coconut loaf with cinnamon in it.

Depends on the bread. I love Sola, but others I’ve tried are kind of bland and dry

I am using Aldi‘s keto-friendly bread, rolls and hamburger buns and it works as a substitute for me. No weight gain but only use a few times a week to keep me on the low carb plan. It tastes like whatever you put on it basically.

Only toasted or grilled.

Sola is the only bread that is tolerable for me.

It’s okay better than all the carbs in bread.

No. I gave it all up.

I do like the Keto Bakes bun mix.

Naw, it’s just a vehicle for transporting good things to my mouth.

From the responses I got 33% said keto bread does not taste good. Therefore 66% say it tastes good or they found a good enough replacement for bread.

As you can see above there are a lot of different viewpoints. Ingredients matter to some and not others. Different keto bread that you can buy can taste different from one another and people have their favorites of the bread they’ve tried. Heck, some people can’t find all of the low-carb bread to even try, depending on where they live.

There are tons of recipes out there for keto bread and there are at least 25 brands of keto bread that you can purchase in 2022.

For easy reading, I bolded all the brands that people mentioned in their answers above.

27 Keto Bread to Buy

Below is a list of all of the keto bread to purchase online or in the store. let me know if I missed any.

  1. Sola
  2. Carbonaut
  3. Inked Keto.
  4. Healthy Life Keto
  5. Aldi
  6. Extraordinary Bites
  7. Lewis Bake Shop
  8. Keto Culture
  9. Franz
  10. Orowheat
  11. L’oven Fresh
  12. Keto Seed (from Sam’s Club)
  13. Bake Lewis Shop Healthy Life Keto
  14. Kiss My Keto
  15. Natural Ovens Bakery
  16. Eatsane Nuts and Seeds Bread
  17. Base Culture
  18. Unbun
  19. Yez! Foods
  20. ThinSlim Foods
  21. Aunt Millie’s Low Carb Bread
  22. Arnold
  23. Sami’s Bakery
  24. Julian Bakery
  25. Great Low Carb Bread Co.
  26. Chompie’s
  27. Liberated

From the responses above, it appeared that the best keto bread to buy is from Sola, Carbonaut, and Aldi. I personally love the Bake Lewis Shop Healthy Life Keto brand, yet I haven’t tried these other 3 favorites.

Does keto bread taste like regular bread?

As a general rule, keto bread does not taste like regular bread. However, I believe some bread companies come pretty close to making low-carb bread taste like regular bread. These bread brands typically have a lot of fiber in them to make their net carbs 2 or less. So it’s important to look at the nutrition label if you want to know how many total carbs are in a slice.

The Top Best Keto Bread Carb Counts

I believe total carbs matter when it comes to keto and deciding which bread you want to purchase. Therefore, I created a chart that provides the total carbs and net carbs of the top keto bread brands on the market.

*There is 1 gram of allulose in Lewis Shop and 1 gram of erythritol in the Sola brand.
These images are from 5 different recipe bloggers, with their names shown on the image. Links to these recipes are below the heading titled Keto Bread Recipes.

Keto Bread Recipes

I mentioned already that there are tons of keto bread recipes out there you can make at home, so below are a few of these.

To comment on the taste of these 6 keto bread recipes, all of the comments on them look positive. All to where the people would make the loaves again.

  1. Zero Total Carb Bread. This recipe is on my page and it doesn’t take like regular bread but works great as a sandwich or toast replacement. (Recipe by Keto Keuhn Nutrition)
  2. Light and Airy bread. This recipe has a total of 2.89 total carbs per slice. Great for cold-cut sandwiches. It even uses yeast, which is a nice flavor to make it more like regular bread. (Recipe by Bobbi’s Kozy Kitchen)
  3. This keto bread recipe uses gluten flour, golden flax, and oat fiber with only 2 total carbs per slice and 1 gram of fiber. (Recipe by Mad Creations)
  4. Dairy-Free bread. Each slice has 3.6 total carbs with 2 grams coming from fiber. (Recipe by Ditch the Carbs)
  5. This keto bread is made with cream cheese and a couple of other cheeses. Each slice in this loaf has 3 total carbs and 1.2 grams of fiber. (Recipe by Low Carb Yum)
  6. Fluffy white bread. This loaf only uses 5 ingredients. Each slice has 3 total carbs and 2 grams of fiber. (Recipe by Wholesome Yum)

If you may think a bread tastes too eggy, give these recipe tips a try to make the keto bread taste better for you. In fact, some of these 6 recipes above, use some of the mentioned methods.

Is keto bread good eating? As a general rule, keto bread can be good eating. It’s great for making sandwiches, French toast, and even regular toast to add peanut butter and keto jam on for breakfast.

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