40 of the Best Carnivore Diet Recipes

40 of the Best Carnivore Diet Recipes

As the popularity of the carnivore diet continues to spike, so too do the endless possibilities of what to cook and eat while following in its footsteps. Whether you’re an experienced carnivore or just getting started on this unique diet, these 40 carnivore diet recipes are sure to satisfy your taste buds and get your creative juices flowing.

It all starts with the meat, and these recipes insist on using only the best. From fried beef and bacon burgers to smoked beef jerky and tenderloin roasts, your carnivore cravings will be met with ease. Other proteins such as duck and quail prove that variety is certainly not lacking, and there are even some dishes with eggs to make sure you’re not missing out on anything.

If you’re looking for a full plate of carnivorous fare, try out the options such as the classic steak and eggs, chicken wings with a variety of seasoning options, or the ever popular bacon-wrapped filet mignon. For the adventurous eater, the stuffed quail and elk meatballs will be sure to tantalize your taste buds. The list of recipes is nearly endless, so you’re sure to find something to fit your particular carnivore needs.

Dairy may not be a staple of the carnivore diet, but there are still some delicious ways to incorporate it into your cooking. Try out the Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and nuts, a savory cheese dip with jalapeno peppers, or a decadent bacon-wrapped mozzarella. These recipes prove that the carnivore diet can still include the occasional indulgence.

Finally, don’t forget the accompaniments. These recipes feature an array of vegetables, from potatoes and carrots to asparagus and brussels sprouts. Even if you’re committed to the carnivore diet, eating a few of these tasty sides every now and then can help to round out your meals and make sure you’re getting all your necessary nutrients. Plus, these recipes make sure the vegetables don’t get lost in the shuffle, with dishes such as balsamic glazed roasted mushrooms and garlic mashed turnips taking center stage.

These 40 recipes show that eating a carnivore diet doesn’t have to be boring or unpalatable, and can lend itself to all kinds of delicious culinary concoctions. For those already committed to the carnivore diet, or those just starting out, these recipes are sure to become a staple of your meal plan.

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